The Supporters Fund is designed and managed to allow our organization to help support and grow with the startups…With our community of Angel & Accredited investors we are making a big push to invest in early stage businesses to help build a stronger path to growth and success for startups in Canada!





Angel investor; Multiple regions. Founder and CEO of Hardboot Communications, specialists in website support , and the driving force behind the Opn. Lifelong entrepreneur with a proven track record of building companies and reinventing existing businesses, Working with great startups to a list of great clients and employers over the years.


Active Angel Investor with multiple Angel Groups including a Board Member of the York Angel investors. Previously held positions as an Industrial Technology Advisor (ITA) delivering the Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) program to SMEs in the downtown Toronto area and then transitioning to a Director in Ontario leading a Team of ITAs in delivering and managing a portfolio of $10Million per year to support SME growth initiatives.  Co-funded a design company providing microelectronics expertise to established large companies wanting to create their next product offering. Acknowledged as Motorola’s official design resource for their North American customers.


Our goal is to back founders with solid teams and strong business plans with a view to establishing a diverse portfolio of sustainable, long term investments with profitable exits. Our focus is on building shareholder value and realizing maximum returns for our investors by managing our fund in a disciplined manner, with a commitment to integrity, honesty and fairness in our reporting to stakeholders.

Fund Overview

Evergreen Fund

Term 1 Year

$1M Fund

$50K Min Investment

3 Fund Directors


Why Invest With Us

Management Team

Fund managers have invested their own savings, putting their money on the “same boat” as startups and investors. Hands-on, Passionate, Serial entrepreneurs with impeccable execution and years of Experience in business growth, Angel Investing in early stage companies, multiple exits, and 5 portfolio companies in just a few short months since the funds inception Nov 2017.

Overall Portfolio Diversification

Allocating into angel investments can increase returns while lowering volatility. 40% early stage and 60% established companies.

Returns and Upside Potential

Provides the opportunity to invest in innovation and to feel real ownership in the companies that you invest in. Every year, angel investments create thousands of revolutionary and life-changing technologies.

Investors are Startup Navigators

Angel investors have the chance to become involved with the companies themselves. Investors often take on strategic advisory roles, provide advice, or offer industry connections, among other things.


Current Investments of Managing Partners


For more information, please contact:

Jeffery Potvin
Founder & CEO
m. 416-804-7573