Pitchit TO! Session 6

The Lodge on Queen (LOQ) 251 Queen St. W, 2nd Floor

Pitchit TO! Session 6

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We had so much fun, we are Pitching it again! Join us for our sixth session. Perfect your perfect pitch and strike em’ out every time.

Any Start-up in market can come and refine their pitch to a large group of people hungry to learn and share feedback. This large group is predominately made up of entrepreneurs, product managers, developers, c levels, angel investors and many more. We are looking forward to meeting!

Loop is the first product from Be Wear. Loop is a stylish personal alarm ring that help users connect with family and friends with the push of a button. During an emergency, most people rely on their mobile phone to call for help. However, using our phones when our brains are under stress proves to be harder than expected. First we have to find our phone, then unlock it, find someone to call, wait for them to pick up, explain the situation and explain where we are. Loop simplifies this process, by allowing users to reach out for help to up to 5 people, with the press of a button. Loop is discreet, reliable and looks amazing. We’ve worked with jewelry designers from day one to design a product that looks like any other accessory on our user’s wardrobe.

X-Matik is creating a very special kit for cars, once installed this kit will transform a regular car into a level 3 autonomous car! Every car company out there is either working on or already offering some sort of autonomy with their newest vehicles, but this leaves a question, what about existing cars? The after-market add-on solution is what is necessary for existing cars to become autonomous, and that’s what X-Matik aims to do. To achieve success in after-market autonomy you need a few ingredients, universality, low cost and easy applicability (DIY). X-Matik has all three ingredients designed into our product “LaneCruise”. With a working prototype and a clear plan to transform this prototype to a final product, X-Matik has proven it has the technology, the people, and the resources it needs to succeed. The business will operate on the lease and own model, where a customer can get the hardware free of cost, install it in their car and pay a service fee to use it, or can buy the system outright and own it.

FHMatch is evolving `Word of Mouth; improving the method in which consumer’s access, find and connect with health professionals globally. A platform evolving word of mouth for professionals with a social networking, business management and marketing platform focused on connecting consumers with professionals in fitness and health (Business Model offer ; brand optimization, chat, schedule, ratings, book, 3rd party payment collection and Invoicing) .FHMatch is a dedicated platform to engage consumers looking for professionals where they need them. Focusing on business management, marketing, SEO and portfolio optimization; therefore, reducing high attrition to improve business outcomes. Networking platform dedicated to providing tools to consumers and professional to Search. Select Connect. There has never been a better time to evolve the old school way of connecting.

20% of current entrepreneurs will retire in next decade. Statistics also indicate 20% of population intend to start a biz. The introduction to entrepreneurship at earlier stages of youth development supports innovation, prevents new graduate underemployment or unemployment and is vital to fostering an entrepreneurial culture which will drive economic growth.online (web platform) and offline community (in-person meetings) that provides youth with a sense of belonging, fosters use of technology, encourages collaboration, innovation, and creativity and on providing soft skills that will allow youth to succeed as intrapreneurs or entrepreneurs in future ventures. Youth will be included in their local community and exposed to global communities.

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