The Xcelerator Program by OPN has been designed specifically to accommodate each individual entrepreneur’s particular needs. Whether in the concept development phase, or a currently viable business looking for a cash infusion, the Xcelerator Program ensures everyone’s a candidate.   The Four Levels of the Xcelerator Program: Feasibility, Validation, Product, Growth and Establishment   Each level has been specifically designed to incorporate specific activities that are best suited to what you should be (and are potentially) going through incrementally during that level of your business development.   Our program will also introduce our entrepreneurs to different professionals and partner within the OPN network that can benefit them during their level of business development. And each with a “requirement” that should be achieved prior to graduating to the next level. As you progress through the levels, your concept gets fleshed into a stronger and more well-defined story that you can ultimately tell the Venture Capitalists.  

The 5-5-5 contract

  • $500 Program Fee
  • 5% Equity Position in your new business
  • 5% of OPN raised capital


  • Early-stage Startups

Angel-rounds of $10,000 to $100,000 from native OPN Fund

  • Ready-for-Market Ventures

Seed-rounds of $100,000 to $500,000 from affiliated Angel Networks

  • Post-revenue / Growth-positioned Ventures

Series A-rounds of $500,000 to $2M from related PE and Institutional sources


Current Client Roster



“Having recently graduated from two top-tier accelerators, set up a supply chain and corporate partnership, and raised $1m+ in Kickstarter pre-sales, Mindset is incredibly well-set for the next stage of company growth. This next phase – fundraising, product launch, and scaling – brings about a completely new set of challenges, for which the stakes, expectations, and complexity are significantly higher. Tackling these challenges will require a deep business understanding, a vast network, and significant mentorship. For Mindset, OPN has filled that gap. Jeffery Potvin and OPN have provided mentorship and networking opportunities that have been critical in leading Mindset through our seed stage growth. Whether through introductions to angels and VCs, legal support and coaching through their connection with Miller Thomson, or simply brainstorming on go-to-market strategies and operational infrastructure, OPN has been ready to jump to action at a moment’s notice. Their help is relevant, specific, and effectively translates years of experience into actionable insights that founders can leverage to grow their companies. For Mindset, OPN has been invaluable. 

Cheers!” – Jacob Flood, Fouder & CEO of Mindset


“Working closely with OPN has been a great experience and we are excited for the future. We love the grass roots setup of OPN. They bring the communications back into startups and help showcase Canada’s best companies. Looking forward to a long term relationship in supporting the startup community.”

Konstantin Starostin, Miller Thomson


For more information, please contact:

Jeffery Potvin
COO & Founder

m. 416-804-7573