Flow Water

When you drink water that’s sourced with pure intention, packaged with purpose, and keeps impacts to a minimum those good vibes are a power punch of positivity you radiate out.

Picture this: You’re in the desert at the end of Burning Man – a place of radical self reliance. Bring what you need and leave the Earth untouched. Except you see a heaping mountain of plastic bottles left behind. “There has to be a better way”, thought Flow founder Nicholas Reichenbach. How we hydrate impacts people, community and nature. He believed in the need to create something conscious.

Turning to the family’s artesian spring in the quiet woods of Bruce County Ontario, Canada, Nicholas and his wife Tammy started a mindful water company that considers sustainable kindness first, with values:

  • Protect the source.
  • Package only what the land naturally gives.
  • Pursue minimum impact.
  • Be a positive force.
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