PitchIt Durham Session 2

PitchItDurham Session 2

On June 26, 2017, Open People Network hosted our second Pitch It Durham event at the Whitby Marina, which included 47 attendees. The start-ups presented their innovative businesses in front of a panel of three advisors. All attendees enjoyed the opportunity to network with the audience, sharing stories amongst peers and Angels helping influence a generation of Startup innovators.

The first pitch of the night came from Fetch It, a delivery service app. The app is similar to Uber in the sense that you can request a truck to come to your location. It can be used by anyone who needs a moving truck–not just a business. It’s quick, convenient, and efficient and aims at being more affordable than its competitors. After their pitch, they received a lot of positive feedback regarding their plan to expand all over the country. The app is available to download from the Apple and Google Play stores.

The next startup to present was Tinted Blinds. Delivering an extremely thorough pitch, everyone was left impressed and interested in investing in the useful product. The product is mainly used for privacy during the day but can also be used to block out heat. The advisors were interested in the future of the product and its potential to be used for apartment building and condominium windows.

Similarly, Vama Product Innovation’s well-organized pitch delighted the audience. Their product called “Dock Me” is a charging tower that is unlike any of the rest currently on the market. It allows for wireless charging so that you can keep all your devices organized and clean. The product is very popular on Kickstarter and is sparking interest in electronic stores across the city. The tower is great for families who need to charge their devices at the same time. The audience was surprised by it’s affordability at just under $200.

Ivory Digital Denture also gave a compelling and story-like pitch at the Whitby Marina. The groundbreaking idea to use 3D printers to produce dentures wowed the audience. The company clarified that the current denture-making process is time consuming and inefficient. With the help of 3D printers, their dentures are made and handed to the patient within the same day. Overall, their startup plans to revolutionize the dental industry.

Join Open People Network at our next event #PitchItTO on July 27th at the Lodge (251 Queen St. W) @ 5:30. Register now, (registration is limited)

All things considered, OPN’s #PitchIt series is a good way to keep in touch with some of the city’s most innovative startups.

Keep watching OPN for upcoming shows!

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